In 1993 I was in my bedroom and I heard an audible voice from the Lord.He said to me for the first time My people are dying and the second time My people are dying this time the voice was very loud, I knew what I was supposed to say, then the voice said for the third time My people are dying. This time God s voice was even louder I knew that if I did not answer I will bust, at that time my body was sweating and trembling. That is when I gave an answer and said I will Speak.

In 1995 I started asking the Lord whether to go on and do charted accounting as it was the choice of my career. I did not want to go on and pursue my career then half way down the line I realize that God wants me to go and preach for Him. I was in the sitting room watching a sermon in television; the time was 09h30 (am) then I saw a huge angel, he came and stood outside the window, He pointed his big finger at me and said A servant is faithful to his master He then quickly vanished.

I did not have the time to ask him what he meant by that statement. During the day I then started searching the scriptures about the Faithful servant. On that same night I could not fall asleep, I then decided to go and do the washing. When I was in the bathroom doing the laundry I noticed that the room became glorious with the presence of the Lord. At that time I was singing and worshiping in tongues.

The Lord Jesus revealed Himself to me.

Suddenly I saw a screen on the wall, the Lord started showing me my past (He showed me how he rescued me when the devil tried to put me down, I was amazed because the visions I saw reflect the exact place and the exact clothing I was wearing on those particular days). He asked me whether I prevailed on my own strength in all the instances He showed me, and I my answer was without you I can do nothing. The Lord said to me He wants me to go to Inanda because His people are dying. I said to Him I am not refusing but I am still too young. I asked him to send someone else at the meantime. I was concerned about the spirits of Shembe and Iziyoni that rules over Inanda. He told me not to worry about those spirits because they will not be a problem to me.

I then asked Him how I will know that He is the one sending me to Inanda; He said I will show you. Suddenly heavy irresistible sleep came upon me. I had a dream, I saw myself preaching in a room full of people and when I finished preaching miracles started to happen in a very amazing way. The Lord then said to me I will know that He has sent me because of the move of the Holy Spirit that will be in a way that has never been seen before. That is when I realized that the Lord had His calling over my life.

In 1996 – 1998 I went to Bible College at the Covenant Bible College.

I studied the Word of God for three year and it was a wonderful experience In year 2000 Mt Zion CARR Nation was established at Inanda in a house of a lady (Mrs Ngubeni) who offered for me to have services in her house. The membership at that time was only 5 people. The word of the Lord is true when it says don’t despise the beginning of small things The church then grew and the house could no longer accommodate us. We went to a school class where I was the only male amongst women. I always marvel at the humor of God when I look back at those days, people use to ridicule me. Men did not want to join the church as the result the church was full of women. I am thankful of the Mary´s and Martha´s that fully supported me in my humble beginnings. In 2003 I got married to my wonderful wife Thabisile, my God given gift and we stayed at KwaMashu at the time.

In 2004 I then decided to relocate to Inanda with my family.

And that is where the ministry of deliverance became prominent; many people who were sick started coming to church and the Lord started training me in the ministry of Healing and Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare. Most of the people that came to the church were one way or the other oppressed or possessed by the evil spirits. God threw me in the deep end to learn to swim and trust Him in midst of great trials and testing’s. That is when I realized that God knew the bigger picture of why he sent to Inanda. People were bound beyond major. I would pray for people day and night, my wife and I would give each other turns to sleep. Sometimes we would be praying from one afternoon till dawn. Those were very difficult times. Many painful things happened we were faced with separation, rejection, accusations, quarrels and many sleepless night, but I kept pressing towards the mark of the high calling. It was not easy but it was worth it.
I thank God for my wife who stood with me in the midst of great testing. Even when she did not understand some of the things that were happening but she trusted God and also trusted me.

In 2007 the Lord commanded me to start outreach prayers.

I started taking what God had and was teaching me outside the four walls of my congregation. Again in that time I was faced with many opposition, the journey has never been easy, I had to fight all the time in order to reach the next level. I am reminded of the song which says nobody told that the Lord will be easy. By the grace of God, I started the outreach prayers. We interceded for our Country, Government, the Body of Christ and many other things. God did wonders, people were coming all over KZN. At the same time Mt Zion CARR Nation Ministries was growing in numbers. During the cause of 5 years we changed worship place from the Mukelani CP School to Ohlange Chapel to a Supermarket building at Newtown A, then in 2012 we went to Dube Village Mall.